Liquid Fuel Systems

Pantex Ennerflo Systems works with customers to design and fabricate simple or complex Liquid Fuel Systems. We build fuel systems for any highly flammable petroleum substance. Typical Applications include Diesel #2 and Naphtha. Working closely with our customers' requirements, we design electrical and mechanical components and control panels that are intuitive and require minimal maintenance.

Features & Options:

  • Pressures Upto 1500 psig. Using Demin Water
  • 50/60 Hz applications
  • Simplex or duplex Filtration
  • Enclosed & Un-enclosed options
  • Winterization enclosures and Heat Traning for Cold climate Applications as per customer requirements

Gas Fuel Systems

Natural gas fueled engines and turbines are particularly susceptible to failure from fuel impurities like slugs, solids and moisture. Before fuel can be directed to the turbine or power generation equipment, it must be run through a skid-mounted Gas Fuel Conditioning System to recondition or filter impurities from the fuel. Pantex Ennerflo Systems designs and builds Gas Fuel Systems that refine and de-moisturize raw fuel for optimal turbine output.

Features & Options:

  • Inline Heaters for Moisture Removal
  • Coalescing filters with ASME Code Stamp
  • Flow meters/flow transmitters
  • ATEX/PED certifications per customer requirements
  • ASME Section IX / ANSIB31.1 / 31.3 compliant
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