Pantex Ennerflo builds standard and custom cooling Water skids for various applications. Typical areas of usage are Intercoolers for Turbine packages including Generator & Turbines. Skids can be built for both OEM and retrofit applications. All designs are built to applicable industry standards. The skids are built as integral units such that the installation and commissioning time is minimized at site. Pantex Ennerflo has vast experience in building & supplying the skids to various OEMs.

Features & Options:

  • Flow capacities upto 20,000 usgpm
  • CS/SS or CPVC Piping options
  • Integral Instrumentation
  • All Instrumentation terminated in on-skid Junction Junction Box for Ease of field Connections
  • Space saving Designs
  • Control Valves as per specific applications included
  • SS316/SS316L Tubing available
  • Typical Pump designs used are Axial split Casing / End suction types
  • Additional Cooling loops like Lube Oil cooling etc
  • NEC/ATEX/PED designs to suite specific locations
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