BOP Controls

Pantex Ennerflo Systems' hydraulic BOP MUX controls are fully compatible with any existing BOP stacks and all accessory equipment. Our control systems are engineered for BOP stacks located on land or offshore. Using the latest 3D drafting software, we custom design each set of schematics using standardized ISO symbols for across-the-board accuracy and clarity. Pantex Ennerflo is API-16D Certified, and all fabrication is ASME Section IX/ ANSI B31.1 / 31.3 Compliant.

Our system Design / Manufacturing Capabilities include:

Features & Options:

  • HPU
  • HPTU
  • Accumulator Banks
  • PLC Controls with Redundancy capability
  • Drillers Panel (with Touchscreen Controls suitable for Class I / Zone 1)
  • Tool-pushers Panel (with Touchscreen Controls suitable for Class I / Zone 1)
  • ECR Panel
  • UPS w/ battery system
  • Power distribution panel
  • Custom control software

Diverter Controls

Diverters are integrated into BOP stacks to vent gas in existing BOP systems and route shallow gas through pipelines before the BOP stack is installed. Diverter controls need to be solidly built and reliable to ensure the safe operation of the diverter in the BOP stack.

Pantex Ennerflo's diverter controls are fully integrated with our BOP control systems, Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and other control panels. They accurately regulate the wellhead and ensure that proper pressure and flow is maintained at all times. Our diverter controls are designed to reduce or outright stop hazardous leakage or pressure that has potential to compromise the entire operation.

Our controls can be rated for use in hazardous environments if needed. We build for new installations and integration into existing systems.

Complete documentation guides for Installation, Operation and Maintenance are included with all systems.

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