Our List of satisfied Global Customers

A-B Chemical Company
ALCOA (Aluminum Co. of America)
Amerada Hess Corporation
American Petrofina
American Rig
American Smelting
Arco Chemical
Arco Polymers
Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company
Asiatic Petroleum
Atlantic Richfield
Atlas Processing Company
Automation Associates
Betchel Corporation
Borden Chemical
Brown & Root
C.B. Kilgore and Company
Calcasieu Refining Company
Cal-Ky P/L (Standard Oil of California)
Cameron Iron Works
Celanese Chemical Company
Champlin Petroleum Company
Champman Engineering Company
Chevron Oil Company
Cities Service Oil Company
City of Detroit, Michigan
City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
City of San Antonio, Texas
Coastal States Gas Producing Company
Commercial Solvents
Continental Emsco
Continental Oil Company
Cooper Valve Company
Corpus Christi Gas & Oil
Cosden Oil & Chemical
Crane Company
Crescent Petroleum
Crown Central Petroleum
Delta Commodities
Delta Engineering
Diamond Alkali
Diamond Shamrock
Dierks Paper Company
Dow Chemical Company
Dresser Engineering
Dresser Industries
Duriron Company
E. I. DuPont de Nemours
Elcove Chemical
Enjay Chemical
Enpro Systems
Ethyl Corporation
Exxon Mobil
Field Viking Offshore
Fish Engineering
Fisk Electric
Flour Engineering
Ford, Bacon & Davis Engineering
Foster Wheeler
General Dynamics
General Electric
Getty Oil Company
Golden Eagle Canada, Ltd.
Goodpasture Inc.
B. F. Goodrich
Grove Valve & Regulator Company
Gulf Chemical
Gulf Interstate
Gulf Oil Company
Gulf Supply Company
Hebeler Corporation
Homestead Valve Company
Houston Fuel Oil Terminal
Houston Oil & Minerals
Hudson Engineering
Hydrocarbon Construction Company
Intercontinental Terminals
Intratex Gas Company
Invensys Process Systems
J. F. Pritchard & Company
Jefferson Chemical
K & M Cryogenics
C.B. Kilgore
Lakeside Irrigation Company
La Vaca Gathering Company
Linde Division - Union Carbide
Lone Star Gas Company
Lubrizol Company
Lummus Engineering
Marathon Oil Company
Maxwell House Coffee
McDermott Inc.
Miami Copper
Mid Louisiana Gas Company
Mid States Gas Company
M & J Valve Company
Mobile Oil Corporation
Monsanto Chemical
Mountain Fuel & Supply
Moog, INC.
M.W Kellogg
Pacific Molasses
Pacific Valve Co.
Penrod Drilling Company
Petro-Tex Chemical Company
Petrochem Specialties, Inc.
Petroleo Brasileiro
Phillips Chemical Company
Phillips Petroleum Company
Pioneer Natural Gas
Pinnacle Construction Company
Placid Oil Company
Plantation Pipeline
Pure Oil Company
Randall Corporation
Republc Steel
Rexall Drug Company
Rock Island Oil Company
Rockwell Manufacturing Company
Service Gas Products
Shamrock Oil & Gas
Shell Oil Company
Shell Pipeline
S.I.P., Inc.
Sinclair Oil Company
Siemens Turbo Machinery
Sohio Pipeline
Southland Paper Mills
South Texas Natural Gas
Standard Oil of California
Stauffer Chemical
Sun Oil Company
Sun Refinery
Sunray DX
Tenneco Chemical
Tenneco, Inc.
Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Texaco, Inc.
Texas Alloy Products Comapny
Texas City Refining
Texas Eastern Transmission Company
Texas Oil & Gas
Thiokol Chemical Company
Transcontinental Pipeline
Trans Ecuadorian Pipeline
Turkie Petroleri
Union Carbide
Union Oil
Union Texas Petroleum
United States Steel
United States Steel-Oilwell Division
Universal Oil Products
Valve Systems & Controls
Ventech, Inc.
W-K-M Valve Division - ACF Industries
Wanda Petroleum
Warren Petroleum
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