Hydraulic Controls

Pantex Ennerflo designs and fabricates completely custom hydraulic and pneumatic valve actuators for use across multiple industries.Valve actuators can be produced in any size and to any specifications to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Features & Options:

  • NFPA Mount Actuators
  • Close coupled designs
  • Positive Position Indicators
  • Stroke Limiters
  • Manual/Hydraulic Overrides

Actuator Controls

Pantex Ennerflo engineers some of the most sophisticated and dependable actuator control systems on the market today. Our in-house designers and engineers work closely with customers to build actuator controls and assemblies tailored to the specific requirements and specifications for applications within the power and Oil & Gas spaces.

Features & Options:

  • Gas over Oil systems
  • Integrated ESD Controls
  • Local / Remote Indication
  • Self-Contained systems
  • Pipeline Gas Powered Systems
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