Fluid Systems, Controls & Instrumentation Solutions for Energy Industry Worldwide

Pantex Ennerflo Systems has designed and manufactured hydraulic power units for a variety of applications. All Pantex Systems are designed to meet or exceed the rigorous specifications of the customer and is based on sound engineering practices and state of the art technology. Manifold sub systems are utilized to provide space savings, reduce leakage points and facilitate ease of maintenance. Designs are customized to suit individual application. All designs are completed using latest 3 D drafting packages for accuracy. Standardized ISO symbols are used in the schematics to provide clarity and detail. All systems are typically supplied with detailed documentation packages to include Installation, Operation and Maintenance instructions to field personnel. Also detailed specifications of common maintenance spares are included.


• Flight Simulators for 3 & 6 DOF platforms
• Process Industries:
- Plant Valve Controls Central & Local
- Auxiliary Systems
• Pipe Line Valve Automation
• Oil & Gas Industry:
- Jacking Oil Rigs
- Work Over Rigs
- Sub-sea
- Platform Related Offshore & Onshore
- BOP Power Units
• Test Equipment

Features & Options:

Some of the Features & Options offered include
• Std JIC Reservoir styles or Customized Sizes
• Carbon steel / Stainless Steel construction
• ASME Code Compliant Fabrication
• Manifold Sub assemblies
• Fixed Speed / Variable Speed Drives
• Level / Pressure / Flow Instrumentation
• Built-in Fluid Conditioning
• Accumulators for Energy Storage & Shock suppression
• Dual Power Source for Active & Stand-by requirements.
• On-board PLC Controls
• Hazardous area certifications
• Local & Remote Operation
• Digital & Analog Instrumentation
• Built-in ESD controls
• Fluid Cooling options Water / Air
• Fixed Flow & Variable Flow
• Pressure Compensation / Load Sense
• Std / Servo / Proportional Control for Pressure & Flow
• Open & Close Loop Systems
• Petroleum based Hydraulic Oils
• Synthetic Fluids
• Fire Safe Fluids
• Water Glycol
• Bio- degradable Fluids
• NACE Compliant if required